1. Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOC) to determine organic and inorganic carbon compounds quantitatively
  2. COD Analyser to determine Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) of aqueous samples
  3. Rapid BOD Analyzer to determine Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) within 30 min. of aqueous samples
  4. Nitrogen Compound Analyzer to determine nitrogen compounds in aqueous samples
  5. Oil Content Analyzer to determine oil content in aqueous samples
  6. Manometric BOD Analyzer to determine BOD of aqueous samples by measuring pressure change
  7. Dissolved Oxygen Meter to determine the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) of aqueous samples
  8. Turbidimeter to measure turbidity of solutions
  9. BOD Incubator uses for incubating BOD bottles
  10. Zeta Potential Meter to measure zeta potential of colloids
  11. Ion-Selective Meter to measure particular dissolved ions in aqueous solutions
  12. Autoclave to sterile the medium and containers for material examination
  13. Incubator to incubate samples at particular temperature
  14. Mercury Analyzer in Liquid to measure mercury content in aqueous samples
  15. Mercury Analyzer in Gas to measure mercury content in gaseous samples

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