Blending systems


provides blenders featuring a variety of different load bearing capacities:

  • standard arm connection and clamps
  • round forks on the lift arm
  • lift arm with eccentric, power and hydraulic clamps The high efficiency of the blending systems is based on the revolutionary and patented counter-current process principle.
  • Effective blending volume of 20-85% of the rated volume.

Single pot granulator for pharmaceutical applications


The single pot granulator is a granulating and drying system specifically optimized for pharmaceutical applications. The systmes are designed for closed, dust-free processing of pharmaceutical granules from charging through discharge including in-line milling.


Tablet Coater


This has been developed the future of tablet coating, the high-efficiency Tablet Coater. The tablet coater reduces processing times up to 35 percent compared to conventional tablet coating systems, yielding significant cost savings and improved campaign efficiency while maintaining cGMP standards.

Compact granulation system


The individual components of the High Shear Granulator GMA, wet sieve  , Fluid Bed System  and Cone, cyclone separator and dry sieve   are optimally integrated into the Compact Unit. This integration covers process, cleaning, control and explosion protection as well as qualification.



Our Monoliner for pharmaceutical products combines a Blister Machine  with a Cartoner.A continuous production process is assured by permanently guiding the blisters in the integrated transfer unit.Through thermo or cold forming a great variety of foils can be processed, e.g. PVC, PVdC, Alu/Alu, Aclar and PP.From feeding to out feed station your pharmaceutical products will be handled with utmost care.



High speed cartoner dedicated to suit the particular requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.The continuously working machine is designed for a wide range of formats and cartoning of pharmaceutical products of all kind, with or without leaflet insert.From the machine’s sturdy and efficient construction you can expect a flexible, reliable and economical automation of your packaging process.Due to the continuous horizontal product flow after filling the cartoner is ideal for packaging pharmaceutical products of all kind.

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