Innovative Vibration Systems for new technologies

Endurance tests with different vibration profiles

  • Transport simulation,  also for large-volume specimens
      (for example, according to UN transport regulation)
  • Real environmental effects reproducible such as
      DIN EN 60068-2-57


RMS high-G acceleration systems DBD series


The RMS high-G acceleration systems of the DBD series are designed for testing of components under linear acceleration.They are available both with and without temperature chamber and with different power spectra.

Steering Wheel FEL30


Customer Gains:

  • adjustable mechanical stops
  • easy installation due to compact design and free
      adaptation of any steering wheel ring
  • overload protection (approx. 1000 Nm), constant
      steerability guaranteed
  • easy handling by two push buttons and switch for
      reset and measuring range
  • quick installation via adapter, without external
      signal conditioning.

RMS Cornering Fatigue Test System IP50


The IP50 cornering fatigue test system has been designed to test the durability of wheels for trucks, light commercial vehicles and vans.It comprises cornering fatigue machine IPM50 and control cabinet IPE50


RMS transport simulation systems of type LCT100 have been developed to test destructive impacts and vibrations, arising during transport,In order to avoid problems caused by packaging technologies, RMS transport simulation systems are also helpful for burn-in-tests within preliminary tests.

Vibration systems 30-35 KN (air cooled)


The shaker operate in a frequency range of 5 to 3000 Hz in sine, random and shock mode. This shaker series provides different armature diameters according to specimen size.Several features make this shaker series reliable and affordable for your applications.