4- & 6-post ride simulators for automobile, SUV, bus & truck testing


4- & 6-post road simulator systems are designed to reproduce the vehicle responses experienced under both normal and extreme driving conditions. These systems are frequently used to test vehicle body, chassis and suspensions components to establish their performance characteristics and durability. Other specialist applications include quality control and 'squeak and rattle' assessment.

Steering assembly durability test rigs


Aimed primarily at durability testing Servotest can offer a broad range of steering test rig solutions. These can be used for testing both hydraulic and electric power assisted systems and associated components whether for passenger cars or for commercial vehicles.

Vibration MAST (Multi-Axis Shake Table) systems


MAST systems can be configured to suit a broad range of multi-axis vibration test applications ranging from transportation simulation to vehicle component test.

Whole Vehicle & Automotive Component Test Equipment


Versatile high-performance single- and multi-channel systems for vehicle and component simulation, characterization and durability testing.

Linear hydrostatic bearing actuators


Servotest linear actuators are modular in design and provide many options for stroke, force and flow capacity.


The Servotest hydrostatic bearing actuator range are suitable for a wide range of dynamic and static test applications including vibration, shock, fatigue, resonance testing and testing of materials, components, assemblies and structures.

Multi-axis 'corner' rigs for testing of vehicle suspension systems & components


The vehicle-corner rig is a highly versatile tool for the development testing of suspension system designs in terms of both performance characterizations and durability assessment. The rigs can be used individually, in pairs for 'per-axle' and in fours for 'whole vehicle' suspension evaluation.