sotax pharmatron

High volume dissolution testing throughput for paddle methods

Model: SOTAX AT 70smart

  • Fully automated tablet dissolution system for a series of 10–15 dissolution tests using the USP 2 method (10 to 15 tests without any user intervention)
  • Automates the entire dissolution test from media preparation and delivery, sampling, filtering, collection and/or analysis, and vessel cleaning (Method transfer from manual to automation with guaranteed reproducibility monitored on every step and complete traceability)
  • Controlled by WinSOTAXplus Advanced Dissolution Software (Immediate familiarity for WinSOTAXplus users, same drivers as for semi-automated systems)
  • Media change procedures allow additions, replacement or a full change of media (Allows difficult method transfers with pH monitoring and dispensed and added media volume validation)
  • Compatible with a variety of sinker types (Allows multiple capsule testing (R&D and QC))
  • Specific solution for pellets and granulates (On-going development for specific USP 2 customers’ needs)
  • eWorldwide Network of dedicated product specialists for support and validation (Complete validation IQ, OQ, PQ under Maintenance and Validation contracts)