sotax pharmatron

The SOTAX FS 7 Filter Station for reliable automated filter changes after sampling in semi-automated dissolution systems

Model: SOTAX FS 7

  • Automates 25 mm Luer-lock filter changes after each sampling point (Solves saturation and clogging problems)
  • Filter change controlled by AT 7smart firmware or by WinSOTAXplus Advanced Dissolution Software (Complete extended and modified release testing and media change method automation)
  • Allows the use of 0.45 micron porosity 25 mm filters (with the SOTAX CP 7 pump) (Completes the SOTAX fraction collector with filtered samples ready for HPLC analysis)
  • Uses SOTAX and Zymark certified Pall™ PSF filters (Simplifies filter validations and method transfers to full automation)
  • Compatible with AT 7smart On/Off-line systems (Upgrade easily the existing SOTAX semiautomated systems On and Off-line)
  • Storage for up to 140 filters and collection tray for dispensed used filters (Easy filter handling)