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Dynamic Servo-Hydraulic Fatigue Testing Machine
Sto SE & Co. KGaA is one of the major international manufacturers of coating  products and systems for buildings. In 2015 the group turnover was about 1,216.6 millions of Euro. The company is a leader in the area of thermal insulation composite systems. Sto’s core product range moreover includes high-quality façade elements as well as plasters, renders and paints which are available for exterior and interior use. Further priorities are concrete restoration, floor coating, acoustic and façade systems.
In collaboration with Sto SE & Co. KGaA we developed a dynamic universal testing machine to control and test coating material and coating systems acc. to DIN EN 1062-7 and sealing sheets acc. to DIN EN 14224.
Generally the machine is suitable for a lot of further test applications.
This is guaranteed by the various and flexible equipment:
variably adjustable test area by hydraulic adjustment of the crosshead
diverse possibilities of sample positioning due to a T-slot plate
temperature chamber for tests at sub-zero / above-zero temperatures
two changeable load cells for a wide load range
individual test cylinders with hydrostatic bearing
digital control system with universal test software allows a multitude of different test procedures.
Abrasion Tester BCA
Leaflet L 110.02E
Test method for screed mortar and screed
for determination of the wear resistance
For use on prepared specimens 500 x 500 mm
and on installed screeds according DIN EN 13892-4
Water Permeability Tester
for testing the water permeability on concrete specimens according to
EN 12390-8
DIN 1048
ISO 7031
ENV 206
concrete cubes
concrete plates
concrete cylinders
Universal Test Machine UP 2000-500 S
Tensile, compression and bending tests each according to accessories. Strength test – fatigue strength under fluctuating stresses with centric initial load / compression rupture test / lateral resistance test for the load, displacement or deformation control – depending on the level of attachments – in the closed loop of the servo-hydraulic with a max. test frequency: 5 Hz on:
Compression and Bending Test Machines MEGA 7
 For the bending tensile strength tests etc. according to standards on:
concrete cubes
concrete cylinders
concrete drilling cores
concrete plates
concrete kerb stones
natural stone kerb stones
natural stone plates
Compression test machine frame in sturdy 4-column version with bending test frame at the side in 2-column version
Splitting Tensile Strength Device DV 500
Leaflet - DV 500 / L109.03
acc. to EN 1338
for the determination of the tensile splitting strength of paving stones
for paving stones with a length of up to 320 mm, a width up to 180 mm and a height from 60 to 160 mm
the upper edge is tiltably seated
guidances for the load spreading strips (hard fibre strips)